Заваряване на тръби решетки

Orbital Tube to Tube Sheet weld head P 20

− Weld Flush, Recessed or Protruded Tubes
− Internal Bore Weld Torch (Optional)
− Eliminate Mundane Welding Tasks
− Achieve Guaranteed Results Every Time
− Increase Operator Efficiency




The P-20 weld head has been designed to enable the welding of boiler tubes fitted to tube sheets in heat exchangers.
This head allows this task to be carried out using a precision Orbital Welding Power Supply, such as the ORBIMAT C range. This means that not only is the rotation of the torch is consistent and the delivery of the welding current is also kept constant and can be varied around the circumference of the tube.

The P-20 uses a three point support system which holds the torch at a fixed distance from the weld joint.
To align the tungsten to the tube a mandrel is used. This is entered in the bore of the tube to be welded. The head is supported by a chain to take the bulk of the weight if the weld head.
The P-20 can be used with or without a filler material.
In applications which use filler material a standard´4” (1kg) reel is used and this is mounted on the head body. If welding highly reactive materials such as titanium the welding are can be covered with a purge chamber which encapsulates the welding zone.
For tube inside diameters from 10mm to 26mm the welding torch can be tilted to 30 degrees to enable protruding tubes to be welded.
The P-20 will also accommodate tubes from 10mm to 70mm inside diameter with the torch positioned parallel to the tube to be welded. For deeply recessed tubes and boiler tube repairs the P-20 can be fitted with an Internal Bore Welding Torch. This allows the weld to be performed deep into the tube plate or inside a vessel.