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Open Arc Orbital Weldhead ORBIWELD TP

Forget everything you know about Open-Arc-Weld Heads!
The all new ORBIWELD TP series are completely unique in design, making it very versatile.
Locating the motor inside the main housing, results in the ORBIWELD TP series being very compact in design and the revolutionary design of the drive system makes large & bulky drive mechanisms a thing of the past.

These Weld Heads are supplied with an on-board compact wire feeder located close to the welding torch which ensures a responsive wire feeding which is synchronised with the puls-ing of the welding current. This gives much better control of the weld pool than systems which have to push or pull the wire from a remote, separate wire feeder over long distances, thus not allowing responsive precise synchronisation with the cur-rent pulses. For field applications the com-pact wire feeder on the weld head is more comfortable than a separate, heavy wire feeder.

ORBIWELD TP heads are working with an open arc and an adjustable clamping system, which can easily adjusted to every tube size in the given range. Includes a built-in remote control for all necessary commands during opera-tion.
The arc length is mechanically controlled and guarantees a constant gab of the electrode. The torch head is adjustable from 90  - 45 .
TIG torch and power cable from the weld head are 7,5 m long and water-cooled (extensions are possible as option) All ORBIWELD TP weld heads are supplied with hardened steel clamp jaws which provide optimal clamping efficiency. Alternatively stainless steel clamp jaws can be supplied.


for diameter  22 - 77 mm
Optional stainless steel clamp jaws
Optional reduction of min. clamping range down to 12 mm O.D.

for diameter 30 - 115 mm
Optional stainless steel clamp jaws


for diameter 70 - 170 mm
Optional stainless steel clamp jaws

for diameter 120 - 275 mm
Optional stainless steel clamp jaws

Cold wire feeding system KD 3-62 for ORBIWELD TP head 400 - 1000
can be mounted directly on the weld head existing out of:
- feed motor
- adjustable wire guide system
- spool adapter with special 62 mm mini spool (empty)

Cold wire feeding system KD 3-100 for ORBIWELD TP 600 and 1000
as above mentioned, but with spool adapter for D 100 standard spoo